Incense, Oils & Burners Mega Deal

Incense, Oils & Burners Mega Deal
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The mega incense, oils and burner starter package deal. With this great starter package deal you get everything you need to set up your fragrance department. The most important part is the fact that you also receive FREE PRODUCT SAMPLES of the Incense King and Om Nagchampa incenses. When you give these quality product samples away to your customers, it will essentially boost your sales from day one !!! Most people are reluctant to buy something new unless they have experienced it, that is exactly what the samples do. Once they try it, they buy the product, it’s proven to work that is why we give them to you every time you re-order as well.

This package deal will include all of the following:

1 x FREE Metal Incense Display Rack
432 x Packets of Incense King brand incenses (12 x 36 fragrances) each packets has 15g which is about 13 sticks your cost $0.50 each
1 x FREE Metal Oil Display Rack
216 x Bottles of Incense King Fragrance Oil (6 x 36 fragrances) each bottle is 15ml, your cost $0.75 each
288 x FREE Incense King incense samples to give away to your customers – great sales tool !!!
24 x Om Nagchampa 15gm Incenses in a Display Carton, your cost $0.50 each
16 x Om Nagchampa 40gm Incenses in a Display Carton, your cost $1.25 each
8 x Om Nagchampa 100gm Incenses in a Display Carton, your cost $3 each
12 x Om Nagchampa 15ml Fragrance Oil in a Display Carton, your cost $1.25 each
72 x FREE Om Nagchampa Incense samples to give away to your customers – great sales tool !!!
6 x Assorted design Stone Oil Diffusers your cost $2.80 each (designs vary)
12 x Wooden Ash Catchers your cost $0.25 each
4 x Bamboo Incense storage Tube your cost $1.98 each (designs vary)
2 x Coffin Box Burners your cost $2.98 each (designs vary)
2 x Wood Tower Incense Burners your cost $2.98 each (designs vary)
4 x Wood log ash catchers your cost $1.98 each (designs vary)

Your main product lines are Incense King brand of fragrance oils and incenses. The oils are designed to be used with oil diffusers and come with free fragrance guides to help your customers find their favorites and instructions how to use the product. Each bottle contains, 15ml of oil (0.5oz). The incense sticks are packed in 15gm packs which work out to approximately 13 sticks. The same fragrances are supplied in sticks and oils and include: Amber, Apple Pie, Cedarwood, Cinnamon & Spice, Coconut, Dragons Blood, Eucalyptus, Forest, Frankincense, Frankincense & Myrrh, Fresh Linen, Fruit Sensation, Good Fortune, Good Luck, Green Tea, Jasmine, Kiwi Strawberry, Lavender, Lavender Rose, Lemongrass, Lilac, Love, Musk, Opium, Orange Blossom, Patchouli, Patchouli Amber, Pina Colada, Pine, Prosperity, Rain, Relaxing Spa, Rose, Sandalwood, Sea Breeze and Vanilla Rose. The dimension of the oil rack are as follow: 19" wide, 13" deep, 20.5" tall (including header board). The dimension of the incense rack are as follow: 25" wide, 15" deep, 25.5" tall (including header board).

The Om Nagchampa incenses is great quality natural incense that will quickly become one of your best selling incenses. Classic Nagchampa aroma, great quality and an great price. Again the key to success with this product are the FREE samples that you give away, as the product will sell it self. You will receive the Om Nagchampa incense in 3 sizes, 15gm, 40gm and 100gm boxes plus a set of Om Nagchampa fragrance oils as well.

In addition you also receive an assortment of incense burners and oil diffusers that give you a great assortment of accessories to get you started.

This package deal comes with FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the continental USA.

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